Warm Air Hose

Warm air hoses are flexible hoses that are designed to transport warm air from a furnace or other heat source to a room or other area. They are typically made of a flexible material such as rubber or plastic and are insulated to prevent heat loss. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate different needs. Warm air hoses are used in a variety of applications, including heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, and air conditioning systems.


This Flexible Aluminium Conveluted Engine Ducting is made of aluminum foil and Kraft, fiberglass, stainless steel, and PVC.

This Aluminum Heat Reflective Corrugated Tube can be used to control cables, gear cables, cooling tubes, air conditioning, and ventilation pipes, fuel hoses, wire sets, and heat-sensitive parts for Protection. This Fiberglass Aluminum Kraft Corrugated Tube also can be used on copper pipes which are used for shifter cables, speed indicator cables, hydraulic systems, electrical cables, and LPG systems for Protection purposes.

This tube’s Bending Radius is about 1.5 times ID.
This Aluminum Heat Reflective Corrugated Tube can resistant -30°C–+120°C.
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