Turbo Tube Hose

The turbo hose must work in conjunction with all the parts in your car’s turbocharger to enable it to deliver its optimum performance. If you’re looking for a turbo hose, you can be sure that Sinopulse® has just what you need.

If any part of the turbocharger fails or stops working as it should, your car will lose power. With this in mind, it is important to fit high-quality turbo hoses into your vehicle. It is vital that your turbo hose is able to withstand very high temperatures, as heat is very much part of the turbocharging process. The turbo hose connects the air turbine housing and the turbo intercooler. It supplies the latter with enough air to run your engine efficiently. How do you know when the pipe isn’t working as it should? The most common issue with a turbo hose is the appearance of splits due to age or general wear. A split turbo hose will cause the turbocharger in your car to rev at a higher rate than usual. For the best performance, we recommend silicone turbo hoses. Silicone is more resistant to heat than conventional rubber and performs much better (and for longer) as a result. All turbo hoses available from Sinopulse® are fully quality-checked and tested to ensure optimum performance.



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