GR6 (SAE 100 R6) Hydraulic Hose

GR6 (SAE 100 R6) Hydraulic Hose

GR6 (SAE 100 R6)

Inner Tube: oil-resistant synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: one high tensile polyester fiber braided.
Cover: weather- and oil-resistant synthetic rubber
Temperature Range: -40℃ to +100℃.
Main Applications: Low-pressure lines, return lines, drain lines.

Applicable Standards: ISO 4079 R6, EN 854 R6, SAE J517 100R6

GR6 (SAE 100 R6) GR6 (SAE 100 R6)

Continuous Brand Layline Example:
SINOPULSE HYDRAULIC HOSE GR6-3 SAE J517 100R6 3/16″ (DN5) Max. W.P. 3.5MPa (510PSI) -xxxx-

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