Fuel Oil Hoses
Fuel Oil Hoses

Fuel Oil Hoses

Fuel oil hoses are designed to transport fuel and oil from one location to another. They are typically made from rubber, PVC, or both materials. The hoses are designed to be flexible and durable, often reinforced with metal or synthetic fibers to increase their strength and durability. Fuel and oil hoses are used in various automotive, marine, and industrial applications. They are available in various sizes and lengths to meet the needs of different applications.



Applications: fuel systems like gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricants, and other mineral oils, also suitable for loading and unloading tank cars, automobiles, oil refining, oil-related industrials, etc.
Tube: NBR synthetic rubber, oil and fuel resistant

Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic yarn
Cover: black rubber, oil, ozone, weather, and abrasion resistant.
Temperature; -40℃ to +100℃


1. Smooth and corrugated surface

2. Cloth Woven Surface



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