Engine Water Hose

The engine water hose is a flexible hose that is used to transport water from the engine to the radiator. It is typically made of rubber or plastic and is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the engine. The hose is connected to the engine block and the radiator with clamps or hose clamps. The hose is also used to transport coolant from the radiator to the engine. The hose is usually reinforced with a steel or nylon braid to provide additional strength and durability.


genuine radiator hose
Material: EPDM Rubber

Other optional materials: Silicone, NBR, etc

Reinforcement: Polyester/Aramid

Reinforced layers:1 ply

Working Temperature:- 30°C to +180°C

Shape:45/90/135/180 degree elbow hose

Straight hose

Reducer Hose

As OE No. Hose shape and size

Any customized shape

Inner Diameter:6mm-152mm as per customer’s requirement

Length: As the required size

Product Application :

rubber hoses are used for carrying water in the cooling system or air in the intake system for Automobiles, trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Equipment, or any machine which needs rubber connectors.

Product Advantage

– Excellent flexibility during the assembly process

– Excellent resistance to Ozone and UV

– Excellent resistance to extremely low and high temperatures

– High tear resistance

– Corrosion resistance

– Good elongation at break

– High tensile strength

– Low chemical reactivity

– Not affected by anti-freeze or anti-rust liquids

– Long lifetime

– Naturally electrically insulating

– No taste, no toxic, eco-friendly

Company Advantage

1, High-grade EPDM/silicone/NBR, Polyester, and Aramid material to ensure hose in outstanding performance

2, Skilled workers with experience of more than 20 years who all deal with the hose details very well.

3, The strict quality control procedure

4, Clean smooth inner&outer hose wall, Glossy, Shiny, beautiful hose surface, and neat cut

5, Competitive Factory Price

6, High Technical Support

7, Faster, more qualified, more efficient after-sale service

8, OEM, ODM support

9, MOQ support

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