G4SP (EN 856 4SH) Hydraulic Hose

EN 856 4SH

G4SH (EN 856 4SH) Hydraulic Hose

Inner Tube: oil resistant synthetic rubber
Reinforcement: a braid of textile material over the inner tube and four spiral plies of heavy steel wire wrapped in alternating direction.
Cover: weather- and oil-resistant synthetic rubber
Temperature Range: -40℃ to +100℃
Main Applications: very high pressure applications
used for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids.

Applicable Standards: ISO 3862 4SH, EN 856 4SH.

EN 856 4SH

Continuous Brand Layline Example:
SINOPULSE HYDRAULIC HOSE G4SH-12 EN856 4SH 3/4″ (DN19) W.P. 42MPa (6090PSI) -2Q11-

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